Healthcare Facility IPM Program
Health care facilities work hard to maintain a sterile and safe environment. Pest management plays a role in reducing food contamination, reducing allergen exposures, reducing chances of bites and stings, and in the case of rodents reducing the chances of repairs due to gnawing wires and nesting in equipment.

Hospice care, Short-term and Long-term care health facilities, Sunflower Pest can change the way you view pest management.

School and Daycare IPM Program
Sunflower Pest can provide low toxicity and all natural IPM treatment programs for schools, day cares and other child care facilities. Your children are our first concern and protecting them is our #1 goal.

Business Exterior Pest Management Program
Our exterior maintenance plan is designed to protect your business from unwanted intruders. Exterior surveys and perimeter treatments will be performed quarterly. You may also choose to add mouse protection to this package.

Business VIP Interior/Exterior Pest Management Program
Our VIP services are available to those who would like additional protection on the interior of their businesses in addition to exterior pest exclusion. Sunflower Pest will enter your business to conduct comprehensive surveys, place insect monitor and provide interior treatment in necessary areas. You may elect to choose from a variety of synthetic and natural pesticide formulations for interior and exterior service. Ask your state certified pest management specialist for details. VIP services are available Monthly, Bi-monthly, and Quarterly

Hospitality IPM Programs
Hotels and motels are receiving their share of media attention due to bedbugs. People are more aware and less tolerant of pest problems than at any other time. If it is ants, spiders, cockroaches, mice or any other unwanted pests, customers spread the news. Sunflower Pest can help you develop a long term pest management protocol to inspect, treat, and prevent pest problems in your establishment.

Restaurant and Bar IPM Programs
From drain flies and bar flies to mice and cockroaches, Sunflower Pest has a pest solution and a plan of protection for your establishment. At Sunflower Pest we work directly with your staff to ensure your establishment is pest free.

Termite Management Services
Your business is a major investment and you should not trust protecting this investment to just anyone. Sunflower Pest offers comprehensive and thorough termite management services to protect your investment.

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