Termite Control can vary by regions, and companies. Here is a link to some great Termite FAQ’s by Dr. Potter from the University of Kentucky.




Liquid Termite Treatments
A liquid termite treatment usually consists of digging a small trench a long side the foundation to hold the liquid. We then pump the termiticide in the trench and if there is concrete we drill a 1/2″ hole to apply termiticide under the slab. This has to be done every 12″ around the structure, to provide continuous coverage


Termite Baiting System
This is where we install termite bait cartridges about every 10-15′ around the structure. This can be used alone, or in conjuction with a “spot” liquid treatment. When termites begin feeding on termite bait they will share the termiticide with their colony, causing a domino effect, wiping out the whole colony.

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